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Instantly generate custom product visuals for new designs, prototypes or ads, eliminating the need for photoshoots or graphic design work.
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AI generated closeup image of a man wearing glasses on a beach.
AI generated image of a chair on a white snowy land
AI generated black and white image of a black man wearing glasses while standing in front of tall buildings.

How Sprie AI works?

Sprie uses only product images to train our AI model to create realistic text-to-image visualisations. Our AI model is trained to understand the relationships between text and product images, which enables it to generate high-quality, photorealistic visuals from natural language descriptions.
Add product images

Simply follow our guide to upload product images using the Sprie Scan app or dashboard.

Write a prompt

Tell Sprie AI where would you like your product to be visualised. Example-"on a table in a kitchen"

Generate stunning visuals

Generate high quality images in a matter of seconds. The only limit is your imagination.

Powerful previs in any setting

Try out different product visuals and settings, quickly testing which resonates best with your target audiences

Custom product visuals on demand

Royalty-free commercial use
High resolution images
Photorealistic representation
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