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for the next generation of
retail engagement

We've built Sprie®,
a world-class AR platform that helps global retailers take their product engagement and sales outreach to the next level.

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Industry leading research and innovation to accelerate remote selling and the 'online first' retail model

Leveraging our years of expertise in computer vision, machine learning and augmented reality,  we are building and constantly improving our in house engine to deliver better real-time end user shopping experiences.

Our accelerated WebGL rendering makes it possible to experience the product try-ons at 50+ FPS across the browsers and devices — without installing an app!

Our streamlined and automated 3D reconstruction pipeline enables us to digitise products at a rapid and large scale while keeping costs to a bare minimum.

Sprie engine makes it possible to showcase a product in astonishingly life-like quality by retaining complex physical properties such as reflections, refractions, transparency, translucency and the like.

Retailers are navigating a world that is becoming increasingly complex. The pandemic has accelerated long-term behavioural changes and consumers demand safer shopping experiences.

We are reinventing store engagement for the new generation of shoppers. Our technology is designed to make the product try-ons accessible in AR instantly and hassle free on video calls, website or in-store, without the need to download an app or scan people.

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