Immersive digital engagement made simple wherever you sell


Choose the number of products and distribution channels for the AR product try-ons.


Embed Sprie SDK into your website and easily get your AR try-ons into your customers’ hands.


Get deeper insights into customer engagement and track behaviour with our in-built analytics.

Feature-rich integration to drive omnichannel success

VTO enabled live video customer and sales support
Calls to action straight from the Sprie widget
Non-intrusive to your website layout
Designed for both mobile and desktop
Social sharing to drive brand awareness
QR Code supported
Get Started

Easily connect with our SDK

Simple guidelines

Follow step-by-step documentation to integrate Sprie SDK

Link SKUs

Link your SKU IDs to identify each of the products with us.


When product is ready, simply activate it to deploy to your website.

Compatible with all major website builders

Powered by Sprie Engine

GPU accelerated

Delivering real-time performance that is critical for seamless experiences with lightweight 3D models and GPU acceleration throughout the pipeline.

Visually stunning

Cutting-edge PBR (Physically-based Rendering) workflow enables Sprie to deliver ultra-realistic digital twins of your product to your customers. It is visual realism at its best.

Blazing fast

Accelerated WebGL rendering makes it possible to experience the product try-ons at 50+ FPS across the browsers and devices — without installing an app!


Sprie SDK allows you to enable the Sprie platform on your website hassle free with minimal coding. It is designed to work with any framework you use to create your website.

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